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As part of Ontario English Catholic Teachers, we teach in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in publicly funded English Catholic schools, with almost 45,000 teachers working across the province. We are passionate about our work and care deeply about the quality of education in this province.

We take a values-based approach to education, incorporating important lessons – like empathy, resilience and respect – into every subject we teach. We are proud that our students consistently become active and engaged members of society in Ontario and beyond.

As an association, we advocate for the welfare of teachers and our students, promote the principles of Catholic education and the strength of Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic education system, and support efforts to achieve social and economic justice.

Benefits of Membership

  • Legal Assistance to Members 

  • Edvantage

  • Pension Top-up After a Strike

  • Strike Pay 

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • OECTA Conferences

  • AQ Program

  • Summer Institutes 

  • Advocacy at EQAO, MOET, ICE 

  • Liaison with Faculties of Education 

  • QECO 

  • Scholarships for Teachers 

  • Religious Study Fellowships

  • Bursaries 

  • Dire Distress Grants

  • Project Overseas 

  • Education Aid 

  • Young Authors Program

  • LTD Appeals 

  • Workshops on Professional Issues

  • General and Career Counselling 

  • Performance Appraisal Support

  • Teacher Exchanges 

  • OTIP Insurance 

  • Pension Seminars 

  • Advice on Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Assistance with Employment Insurance Appeals

Benefits of Collective Agreement

  • Grievance Procedure 

  • Pay Increases/Salary 

  • Continuation of Contract 

  • Dental Plan 

  • Long Term Disability 

  • Salary Increments

  • Allowances 

  • Life Insurance 

  • Extended Health Benefits

  • Cumulative Sick Leave

  • Requirement Gratuities 

  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave

  • Grievance Procedure 

  • WSIB Top-up 

  • Deferred Salary Leave 

  • Leave Provisions 

  • Department Heads 

  • Supervision Restrictions 

  • Staffing Numbers 

  • Due Process Provisions – ALPs

  • District Level Staffing Committees 

  • Harassment Protections 

  • Posting Provisions 

  • Surplus to Need Provisions

  • Redundancy Provisions 

  • Professional Development Funds 

  • Safe School Provisions 

  • Preparation Time/Hours of Work

Other Significant Benefits

Ontario Teachers’Pension Plan Advocacy on a wide range of Political, Educational, and Employment issues at the School Board, Provincial, Catholic Community, and Federal Government Level Advocacy for Catholic Education